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Why SSL Certificate Is Important For A Domain Name?


Today, in this article we are going to see, why SSL certificate is important for a domain name? this question is asked by many people who start a blog. so after this article, you will get an idea of why plays an important role in the success of the blog.

A beginner does a common mistake of not using an SSL certificate on the new website. they think they have saved a lot of money, but they don’t realize that they have slow down their growth.

There is no fault of beginners as they didn’t have an idea why it is used and how it is important for the growth of the website. they only think of the money they would save by not buying it. because the SSL certificate comes with a monthly or yearly based recurring fee just like a domain name.

So, for beginners, the price can be a bit high, because they may be a student and they don’t have enough money to buy the SSL certificate. So they don’t install it on their website.

SSL Certificate for Domain

What Is A SSL Certificate?

Those who don’t have any idea of SSL certificate, then it is a certificate for the secure connection between server and user. The certificate is installed to check if the connection on the website is secure or not.

Why SSL Certificate Is Used For Domain Name?

The SSL certificate is important to check the connection between the server and the user. Back in the old days, the connection between the server and the user was not encrypted. Means anyone can easily read the data that is being transferred from the user to the server. So it became a serious concern of the data security.

Users were sharing their personal and confidential credentials like credit card details and bank details. So the connection must be secured. So to make the connection secure between server and using HTTPS protocol started implementing.

The domain you purchase is of the HTTP protocol. You can see in the browser. In the browser, it would be showing “insecure” in the left corner of the address bar. It indicates that the connection between is not secure on this website.

Due to the insecure warning, people will not enter any detail on your website and also google will not easily rank it on their search engine. That is why the SSL certificate is used to get a secure connection protocol(HTTPS). the secure connection is indicated by the “secure” with a green lock sign.

So whenever people will log in to your website they will see the secure sign and they will feel secure for entering their data and surfing on the website. that is why SSL certificate is used to convert an HTTP domain into HTTPS domain name.

Benefit Of HTTPS Domain Name

The SSL certificate just not only gives a secure sign to your website but it also boosts the SEO ranking on the website. Google in its official statement has mentioned that the website who uses SSL certificate or HTTPS domain name will get some SEO boost.

So, if you are in the beginning stage then little SEO will also be more for you. because it is very difficult to boost the SEO ranking of a website. it takes years to build a high DA website. so by installing the SSL certificate on your website, you are getting little SEO boost and it is better than nothing.

Benefits Of SSL Certificate In Traffic Increase

When your website does not have an SSL certificate then a warning sign will be shown. The warning sign will make the users believe that your website is not trustworthy. So they will leave your website and in the rare case, they will visit again. You will see that the traffic is decreasing on your website and it is only because of that warning sign.

On the other hand, if you have installed an SSL certificate on the website then the people those are visiting your website will feel safe and secure in surfing on the website. it will help them to build trust on your website and they will visit regularly. So you can gain users trust just by installing the SSL certificate.s

SSL Certificate Cost

Now, we have seen, how important an SSL certificate play in the success of the website. however even after knowing that the SSL certificate is important and have certain SEO benefits. Then also many people don’t use it because of its fee.

Just like for domain name, you have to pay a monthly or yearly fee for the SSL certificate and it can be expensive for the small bloggers.

How To Get Free SSL Certificate

You can get a free SSL certificate with a premium web hosting named- Cloudways. Cloudways have been serving with great web hosting service and have become the best cloud hosting. you can completely rely on the Cloudways hosting because they offer so many features at affordable price.

Cloudways offers free SSL certificate, free site migration, free cache plugins, CloudwaysCDN system for boosting global response. They are the most affordable web hosting for students and small bloggers as well as professionals.

Through Cloudways hosting you have a great benefit of saving a lot of money on additional components that are required to the website. Cloudways provides a free SSL certificate for free and it will save your lot of money and time too.

You don’t have to do anything complicated instead you can do it in few clicks. Then your website will start showing the green secure sign.

Final Words On SSL Certificate

If you want a reliable web hosting and want to save money on SSL certificate then Cloudways is the best option. Cloudways is the top cloud-managed service that offers great deals at an affordable price. Cloudways also offers a free trial that allows you to use it for 14 days. for getting free trial you don’t have to fill credit card or bank details. It is completely free and safe.


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