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How To Choose The Perfect Hosting Plan For WordPress?


Before starting a website or blog, we have to choose the right web hosting plan. choosing the best web hosting plan for WordPress is important because hosting plans differ for different websites. a WordPress website has a different resource requirement than an e-commerce website. if the hosting plan is not chosen correctly, then you will lose some money. because the hosting plan comes with different prices based on the resources.

Choosing Hosting for WordPress

Why It Is Important To Choose the Right Hosting Plan?

In blogging, most of the beginner make a common mistake of not choosing the right website. this problem leads to their website failure. Most of the website which is started get fail in the first year.

The reason is web hosting. Web hosting is the core component where the website is stored and run. So if the server is not sufficient enough to handle large traffic on the website. then what is the use of paying a huge fee.

While on the other hand if a right web hosting is chosen. Then the web servers will be compatible with the website requirements. And the web hosting will provide only what website will need. so it will save resources as well as money.

You can save money on web hosting plans by choosing the right plan. the plan comes with different amount of data resources. if your website is new then you don’t have to buy an advanced hosting plan instead basic will do the job. So the basic web hosting plan cost less than the advanced plan.

When the website will start growing and the resource requirements will also increase. So to fulfill the requirements you can easily shift to the advanced plan. so it will save a lot of money by choosing the right hosting plan for the right website need.

How To Choose The Right Hosting Plan?

Now, a beginner will not have any experience in the web hosting and don’t know how to choose? So we are pointing out points that will help you to better identify the right plan for the website.

1. Bandwidth

The first thing to look in a web hosting plan is the bandwidth limit. The bandwidth is the data that allows the amount of traffic on your website.if the website is getting huge traffic and the bandwidth is not enough. Then the server will get down. so first find out how much traffic your website will get and on that basis choose the bandwidth limit.

For beginners, in the starting period, new websites will not get a lot of traffic. so the basic plan is sufficient for handling the website. when the traffic load will start increasing then switch to the higher bandwidth plan.

2. Storage Space

The storage space is the data that is allotted to the user on the server. In that space, your blog and its content will be stored. So if your website requires large space then you have to select large storage drives. If the drives will be insufficient then the blog will start getting slow or lagging. So the storage space should be sufficient for the website data.

For the basic website, 25GB storage space is enough to run perfectly. In case the storage requirements will start getting increased then you can switch to advance plan.

3. Customer Support

Customer support should be best in a web hosting company. The support team is very important otherwise where will you go when you will face any problem. So choose the web hosting that provides support service in many languages and all over the world. the support team should be available for 24/7.

4. Affordable Price

You can get high-quality web hosting but you will have to pay a huge price. it will be okay for business but not for you. so you also have to look for the affordable price. only few web hosting will provide best web hosting service at an affordable price. it is not a good idea to waste huge money at the start of the blogging period.

The affordable hosting plan doesn’t mean go buy some cheap hosting. it is done by many amateur bloggers as they don’t know the difference between cheap hosting and best hosting. so find the web hosting plan that has a perfect balance of the services and price.

Now, you got a clear idea of what to look in the right web hosting plan. but the problem is where you will find the right web hosting. the web hosting that covers all the above criteria. It will take days to find the perfect match. So to save your time we have mentioned the best match.


A cloud-based managed web hosting. Cloudways have been in the market for a year and got popular by providing the best web hosting service at an affordable price. Cloudways have a lot of features to help you to increase productivity.

Cloudways server is robust, they can handle large traffic on your blog easily. they offer CloudwaysCDN to deliver content all over the place, hence increasing the global response time. Cloudways have many plans to offer for WordPress. but for beginners, the basic plan is the best plan for their WordPress website.

Cloudways Basic Plan

1. One TB Bandwidth

In the Cloudways, they offer 1 TB bandwidth in the basic plan. it is more than enough for small or new websites. so you will not have to worry about getting the server down.

2. 25GB SSD Drives

Cloudways uses SSD drives and they offer 25GB storage space. with the 25GB storage space, you don’t have to worry about the space anymore. Your blog can easily run on this much storage space.

3. Free SSL

Cloudways is known to provide additional features to help users. they provide an SSL certificate that is useful for making the website HTTPS. It will increase the SEO ranking as well as the user’s trust on the website.

4. Free Site Migration

You don’t have to pay any money if you want to move your website to Cloudways servers. it is free of cost.

Along with the above features, there are a bunch of more features and it is very affordable for beginners as well as professionals.


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